Chemical Analysis of Raw material (as per FSSAI / BIS norms):

Food grains: Moisture, Ash, Acid insoluble ash, Alcoholic acidity, Gluten content, Uric acid etc.
Spices & Condiments: Moisture by toluene distillation, Ash, Acid insol. Ash, Volatile oil, Non volatile ether extracts, Starch content, Curcumin content, Crude fibre, Peperine content, Argemone oil/Mineral oil detection, Alcohol/Cold Water extracts, Peroxidase test, Salt content etc.
Milk & Milk Products: Moisture, Fat content by acid & Alkaline Hydrolysis, Protein, Sugars, SNF content, Over run, Titrable Acidity, Solubility Index etc.
Nuts & Oil seeds/oil: Moisture, Fat content, Acid Value, FFA, Saponification value, Un-sap Matter, R.M.Value, Iodine Value, Melting Point, Bellier Test, etc.
Adulteration test: for Milk & Milk Products, Spices & Condiments & Oil samples.

Nutritional Labeling of Processed food (as per FSSAI / USFDA norms):

Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate, Energy value, Sugar, Crude fibre, Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty acid profile, Cholesterol, Dietary fibre, etc.

Microbiological Analysis of Food / Water:

Microbiological parameters like Total Plate Count, Coliform Count, and Yeast and mold count, Anaerobic Spore count, MPN/100ml. Detection of: E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella. spp. , Shigella, Listeria monocytogens, Bacillus cereus, Clostridium perfringens, Pesudomonas spp., Enterococci, Acenitobacter, Sulphate reducing bacteria, Fecal coliform, Fecal streptococci, Legionella, vibrio spp. etc.

Water Analysis (as per BIS):

Colour, odour, taste, pH, turbidity, Total Dissolved Solids, total hardness, sulphates, iron, chlorides, alkalinity, nitrates, nitrites, fluorides, residual chlorine, heavy metals, toxic contaminants,etc.

Shelf Life Study:

Two basic methods for performing shelf life studies: Real Time and Accelerated. Real time studies store the product under the normal conditions of the product for a period of time greater than the expected shelf life. The product is checked at regular intervals to determine the point of product deterioration. Accelerated shelf life studies attempt to predict the shelf life of a product without running a full length storage trial. This type of study is usually used for product with a longer shelf life. It is always recommended that when an Accelerated study is selected that a dual, real-time study is also run concurrently to validate the projected data.

Kitchen Hygiene Audit:

Maintaining hygiene and safety of the kitchen is of utmost importance, to provide healthy and nutritious meals to the consumers. In order to ensure that the highest levels of cleanliness is always maintained, all catering facilities must get their kitchens and dining areas inspected and audited on a regular basis. Along with kitchen audits we also assist you to resolve the flaws in the process, suggest improvements and changes; to ensure complete food safety.

Air quality Monitoring:

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring carried out for Analysis of CO2, CO, O2, TPC and Yeast and Mold Count.

Swab analysis:

Swab analysis includes pathogen detection on palms of food handlers, food equipments, food serving surfaces etc. We provide services for swab analysis. The analysis of swab samples in a microbiological investigation can be an invaluable tool to help trace contamination pathways. Also, outlines hygiene practices followed in kitchen.

Nutritional Menu Planning:

We provide consultancy and guidance for nutritional menu planning for Corporate Canteens, School/college cafeterias etc.

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